The Real Deal.

to the needs of large company

Your Business has passed the biggest challenges and moves strongly forward. To support growth and profitability the best solution is a Financial Advisor who helps you to develop your business, acquisitions and other investments. Valjas Real Deal helps you with every day financial management needs so you can focus on even more on your own business.

Valjas Real Deal includes:

  • Accounting
  • Processing of purchase, travel and cost invoices, payment transactions
  • Income statement and Balance sheet in web-based software
  • Financial statement and tax return
  • Coordination of Auditing
  • Minutes
  • Annual information of dividends as needed
  • Appointed contact person
  • Service Promise (response time to questions through the  customer service channel): on business days within 24 hours
  • Tracking of advance taxes
  • Regular financial meetings 6 times a year
  • Business Review 2 times a year
  • Maintain a short-term cash flow forecast
  • Entrepreneur’s tax optimization calculation once a year
  • Cost center monitoring
  • Advisory Services
  • Tailored CFO Services as needed
  • Price: Ask for a Quote!