To the Stars.

VALJAS BONFIRE – put your numbers to the next level

Valjas Bonfire is designed for start-ups and other companies that are in strong growth. You get all the same services as in Valjas Flame, but we tailor the service to cover, for example, the following: Controller services, Cash flow forecasting, budgeting, Business Finland reporting as needed, and personal customer response. Please note that the price includes advisory services.

Let us accelerate your financial development.

Valjas Bonfire includes:

  • Monthly accounting
  • Processing of purchase, travel and cost invoices, payment transactions
  • Income statement and Balance sheet in web-based software
  • Financial statement and tax return
  • Coordination of Auditing
  • Minutes: Financial statement and dividends
  • Annual information of dividends as needed
  • Appointed contact person
  • Answers to company-specific questions in two business days
  • Tracking of advance taxes
  • Regular financial meetings: 3 times a year 1 hour
  • Cost center monitoring
  • Advisory Services
  • Price: Introduction and a launch meeting from 299 € VAT 0%.

Monthly charge calculated by annual revenue.