FinnAust Mining Finland Oy

Based on the services agreement, Valjas’ controller is in charge of our Finnish branch’s financial management and internal reporting. The controller is backed by one of their partners, who is also flexibly available for more demanding assignments.

Previously, financial management was split between different service providers. Now we get a one stop service and all the financial data is in one system. In addition, Valjas has given a fixed monthly fee for its service package. This increases the predictability of our costs and simplifies invoice approval.

Urpo, COO of AIM-listed exploration company

10monkeys.com Ltd Oy

Valjas took overall responsibility of our financial management, which is now highly automated and up to date. Previously we paid paper bills in our e-bank, kept time sheets in Excel and sent all the accounting material via air mail to the accounting firm. Taking into account indirect costs, our financial management costs now less than before.

Valjas’ interim CFO has been a flexible way to get expert on board without increasing our fixed costs. In addition, their services have always been available on a short notice. It is especially important to us in the fastly evolving global e-learning business.

Katri, CEO of Finnish game and e-learning company

Racing Engines Helsinki Oy

Our previous service provider was not able to offer insight on issues critical to our business. Since Valjas took over our financial management, we have been spared from previous unpleasant surprises and have again been able to fully focus on running our core business.

We highly appreciate the Valjas’ partners business background and acumen as well as their clear and straight forward approach. Now our financial information is easy to understand, always up to date and can be accessed when and where ever.

Tomi, entrepreneur

Finsurance Oy

Valjas has been operating as a mainstay in our financial management since the day one. The proficiency is first class and service so personal, that I sometimes forget Valjas has other clients too.

Thanks to Valjas, the accounting of Finsurance is running paper-free. Even though working digitally, doing face-to-face meetings is still important. It’s a good choice to continue developing and growing our business with a reliable partner.

Hermanni, entrepreneur

Kauas Creative Oy

Our time before Valjas, the manual accounting was frustrating and took a lot of time from productive work. Along the partnership with Valjas, the financial management digitalized at once. On a daily basis, we use Procountor as well as Bezala-receiptcamera, and hassling with the receipts is history.

We appreciate that Valjas shares the same mentalite than us: modern, actions improving activities are quickly brought within reach of customers. Simple is effective.

Olli, entrepreneur

AppGyver Oy

AppGyver is the most advanced platform for building hybrid mobile apps with HTML5.

Yousician Oy

The easiest way to learn new songs. Upload your favorite songs and master them like a pro.

Buena Onda Oy

Restaurant & Galleria ONDA is a chill-out, living-room style eatery that offers buffet and á la carte food.

Biddl Oy

Biddl is the first mobile shopping game that allows you to have fun while shopping anywhere.

Readpeak Oy

Media Content is the forerunner in native advertising.

NoLag Oy

Medical and general practitioner-level aesthetic treatments.

Insurance House A & A Oy

Insurance agent.