CFO Services

Our CFO takes overall responsibility for Your Company’s finance function and its development, participates in Your management team in a specialist role, is in charge of monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) and prepares e.g. investment and pricing calculations.

The scope of the service can be extended to include the use of Business Intelligence data as well as sparring Your CEO. The CFO can also head Your outsourced finance department. Our CFO has a long track in demanding positions in the finance function of SMEs as a superior or in an expert position together with hands on business experience from different industries.

Controller Services

Our controllers are highly educated financial administration professionals. Typical responsibilities of a controller include internal reporting as well as producing and analysing data to support management decision making. A controller can also be responsible for the daily finances of a SME from accounting and cost accounting to annual financial statements in the role of head accountant.

Controller Services is a flexible way for SMEs to gain access to a financial administration professional – be it a couple of hours a week or a full time resource. Our controller is typically a M.Sc or B.Sc majoring in accounting, who has gained several years of experience from key aspects of financial administration and the means to understand business models from various industries.

Consulting Services

Our core competence is in improving financial management and HR processes together with implementing digital accounting and payroll systems in Visma’s Netvisor and Fivaldi cloud services. In addition, we have expertise in consulting SMEs in other key support functions.

We also assist our clients in standard Finnish corporate law and tax issues. In more demanding issues, we assist You in finding the leading professional firms that best suit Your needs. We are also happy to assist you in formulating Your case and carrying out preliminary work. This is usually more cost efficient than a direct engagement with the leading consulting or law firms.

Valjas uses Visma’s Netvisor cloud service to provide financial administration, payroll and real estate administration services to its clients.